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We help businesses formulate, quickly test and create digital solutions.

Without presentations, bloated deadlines and obscure expectations.

Digital mythology

We look at the world through the eyes of entrepreneurs. This is a rational view that breaks down the myths surrounding digital processing and the launch of new products.

myth 1
You MUST make product

No, actually. In any case, until you appreciate the value, risks and complexity of the technical implementation.

Clients come to us to hear “no, it won’t work”, even before the creation of the first concepts.

This is not pleasant, but better than convincing partners or the board of directors, formulating a strategy, developing and getting a dead end product.

myth 2
It's a WASTING work

This is a simple job for complex specialists.

We build direct communication of business and IT, and come up with clear ideas, with a simple roadmap. A deep understanding of your industry and a huge baggage of technology cases help us.

Our secret is people who are able to build business and IT architecture in parallel. A bit drunk. Have fun.

myth 3
It’s too lng

It does not matter.

How did the huge timeline come about? The recipe is simple. Poor understanding of the task, unsuccessful approach to implementation, poor awareness of the operating time, long approval processes, inertia of the team plus 20% of the risks, just in case.

Independent evaluation is not necessary for control. It is always a search for alternative and more viable product implementation models.

Facing reality
Digital Delivery Director

Any idea before the test looks almost perfect.

There is only one effective way to test the viability of an idea. It is necessary to clash it with reality.


reality can damage the flawless image of your idea. and that's good.

  • abandoned due to changes in the market
  • broken at the first meeting about other people's cases
  • met a legal barrier in the processing of personal data
  • death by operational chaos
  • disliked by users due to annoying ads

Strong ideas always change and develop in the process of implementation.

We help iteratively identify and explore the value of an idea, through the creation of smart MVPs.


The team understands the value of the product for business. This allows you to focus on the main thing, throw out useless features and simplify communication.


The space for experiments is laid in the architecture of the project. This allows iteratively changing and developing the system without rewriting the code from scratch with every change.


There are a lot of mistakes along the way. The faster they are completed, the more time will be spent on working out a truly strong solution.


Insomnia is a collaboration of successful specialists in consulting and software development. Each has come a long way and brought unique experience.

Together we challenge the most sophisticated and unusual projects.

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SAP Integration Sales ecosystems
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